The King’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK businesses and are designed to recognise outstanding achievements. Chemical Processing Services Ltd is delighted and extremely proud to have received the King’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category for its specialist disruptive sustainable and regulatory compliant Furalkamine bio polymers.
CPS is an innovative polymer designer and supplier of specialist bio-based polymers derived from sustainable feedstocks. The business was set up to design and develop specialist polymers with a focus on high performance, regulatory compliance, and sustainability. The business was set up by Paul H. Jones, Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical World Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, a serial polymer innovator who currently runs two other businesses, both of which also hold Queens Awards in the innovation category for products he has developed to prevent endocrine disruption in the packaging sector and another highly successful bio-based polymer.


Furalkamine products are a Patented new technology that can be used in a wide variety of applications, although their unique chemical structure makes them particularly suitable for epoxy coatings that need to operate in the most hostile environments. This new resin chemistry is in keeping with UN initiatives and targeting Sustainable Development Goals, the Furalkamines tick a multitude of boxes aside from their green sustainable feedstock and high bio-based carbon content. They are derived from a pentosane-rich biomass which includes corncobs, sugar cane bagasse and rice hulls. The resultant resins derived from this feedstock are petrochemical-free and therefore an environmentally friendly green alternative to other thermoset chemistry with biogenic carbon content of between 40 and 100%.


Paul Jones FRSC, Managing Director and already a proud Queen’s Award recipient for innovative products developed for Anacarda and Bitrez Ltd said: “I’m delighted CPS has won the King’s Award for Enterprise, especially in the innovation category. The design and development of technically advanced products that are free from substances of very high concern and derived from sustainable feedstock, is at the heart of the CPS business philosophy.

With greater interest in creating and maintaining a circular economy, and with due consideration of the UN Sustainability Development Goals, I set up CPS purely to design and develop new chemistry with an emphasis on bio-based materials. The IP is patent protected and can be licenced in various regions to allow domestic manufacture that provides performance benefits, as well as being safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. We have been fortunate enough to have received many acknowledgements, all of which are flattering, but I take immense gratification in receiving this ultimate business honour, especially in recognition of our innovation. I believe this will help enhance our platform and generate further interest in our disruptive chemistry. This chemistry is designed to contribute to the rectification of anthropogenic damage and current societal issues, ultimately providing effective solutions for the benefit of our future generations.”