Fuzzy Duck and Bitrez Collaboration 

Bitrez joined Fuzzy Duck*1 for a brief chat to discuss the support that they provided during the generation of the new Bitrez interactive game “CHEMPLOY” that forms part of the many attractions at the Catalysts Science Discovery Centre and Museum*2 located in Widnes.

The CHEMPLOY game started as an idea and as Paul Jones describes in the clip, Fuzzy Duck took his scribbled notes and ideas, and generated this entertaining interactive game. The game is located on the lower floor of the Catalyst and features a variety of the Bitrez staff and their roles in the business, along with some games that help demonstrate a little of what they do.

Fuzzy Duck Interactive Exhibition

*1 Fuzzy Duck are filmmakers, animators, developers and creators through and through who craft stories.

*2 The Catalysts Science Discovery Centre and Museum – A host of interactive exhibits, re-constructed scenes, science shows and hands-on workshops.